Award Nomination



Many happy returns to “Lola” from Datingdramasofathirtysomething for nominating me as a Versatile Blogger, I only recently noticed these awards and never thought I’d be so close to getting one.

I hope to remain as versatile as my topics over the years to come.

 O.k now for the nuts and bolts, I’m supposed to reveal 7 mildly interesting facts about myself and nominate 15 versatile blogs for my readers to munch on.


Well here are the 7 mildly interesting facts about me;

1. I love avocados but don’t like guacamole.

2. I have two middle names and they are both Anthony. (it’s true).

3. I’d rather spend the entire day outside.

4. As I grow bald I prefer shaving my head rather than living a lie.

5. I’ve been kicked off most every social media  site for discussing controversial topics.

6. I converted to Islam at 17 years of age.

7. I’m a classically trained pianist.


Here are the 15 blogs that I’ve found to be most versatile each awesome in their own unique way, leaving you no choice but to follow them.

1. The Culture Monk

2. Dating Dramas of a Thirty-something

3. Disambiguation

4. Muslim Answers

5. Silver Poetry

6. Shawn L Bird

7. Random Ancient to Modern Philosophy

8. Harsh Reality

9. Maxima

10. Kurt Rees Poetry

11. Wuji Seshat Nibada

12. Everybody Means Something

13. A Quiet Revolution

14. All About Manners

15. Fitzpatrick Informer


Thanks again Datingdramasofathirtysomething for nominating me as a Versatile Blogger and please spread the love everybody. These blogs are an absolute must visit.



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