10 Things Men would never say and really mean.


1. It may be small but it’s my penis

2. I understand women completely

3. I’ll never buy another car again

4. It’s okay to cry sometimes

5. Fighting is never the answer

6. I believe all people should be able to get along

7. I’m close with all my male friends

8. I’m close with my only male friend

9. Women and men can just be friends outside of work

10. I’d change nothing about my life

26 thoughts on “10 Things Men would never say and really mean.

  1. I love ten things men would never say; however, you can’t never understand women completely. My husband always says that he can never understand women. We, women are very complicated beings.

  2. Hmnn…I guess that you haven’t as yet encountered the New, Post-feminist ,Man, completely remodeled and only available without a Y Chromosome…
    I understand that they are very popular and highly approved but so far, sales to individuals remain disappointing…

  3. I have a friend who says “women are complicated, they like to be told they are pretty, kind, not fat and such, men are simple, they think like this-“come naked-bring food…”

  4. I can honestly plead not guilty to 9 of 10. I have never said that men and women can just be friends … in or out of work. But then I am the kind of guy that places my wife of 54 years at the very top of my “friends” list.

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