Who needs a Father?

I got to stick up for myself but it is hard to do so without coming across as sexist, politically incorrect or misogynistic.

I’m a husband and a father; I am a man therefore I feel what is happening to men  of all ages.

We are looked down upon. ( and I’m in no way praising the bad men or putting down the good women).

Mother’s Day shopping verses Father’s Day shopping

We are all conditioned into believing that women are the beacons of intellectual society therefore we buy them books and get them pampered.

Men are just boys living a suspended adolescence only seeking an X-Box, shaving cream, and radio-controlled helicopters.


Men are stupid and cannot do anything at all; on television commercials I’ve seen men struggle to put infant seats in cars, use a vacuum cleaner, pick up a phone and purchase health insurance, the list goes on.

I cannot imagine the uproar that would come if women were portrayed as idiots on television commercials.

The useless father figure

Fathers especially are useless all they do is work then come home sit down and have a beer.

While mother does the cleaning, cooking, all of the parenting, pays the bills, chauffeurs the children and still looks like a supermodel.


The truth is, I cook everyday, take my kids to the park everyday, bath them, read them stories at bedtime, teach them exercises and how to stick up for themselves, teach them to read, teach them to write, console them and if I have some spare time I write on this blog.

My father did just as much for me and my son will God-willing do the same for his children.

No father

Boys growing up without a father or with a docile father-figure will eat up all the propaganda so I’m telling you men to man up and take control, guide your children.

And women back up your husbands and if they are lazy remind them of what psychological damage they are doing to their children.

9 thoughts on “Who needs a Father?

  1. I completely agree! No woman who is truly confident in who God created her to be will ever be intimidated when her husband lives out who HE was created to be–regardless of who does what in the family structure! Excellent word! Grace & Peace!

  2. ‘I cannot imagine the uproar that would come if women were portrayed as idiots on television commercials.’

    Women are portrayed as idiotic WC-cleaners and don’t forget the degrading bandage-commercials!

    When children, boys and girls, reach the age of twelve, they need the father more than the mother… They are looking to the world outdoors from then on, and that’s represented more by the father than by the mother.

    1. That’s absolutely true, women are portrayed badly on television, movies, the internet as well but just to a different tune, for example there is a post in wordpress titled KILL ALL MEN and it’s obviously not a serious call to arms but if I replace Men with Women and Kill with Rape. Would I still be allowed on this site?

  3. its a strange world.
    did you know that England has nearly a hundred thousand single fathers?
    yet i still get strange opinions thrown at me sometimes.
    men and women are just as bad as each other.
    they are also just as good as each other.
    for every Fred West there is a Rose West.
    For every Mahatma Ghandi there is a Mother Theresa

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