Scattered Rhetoric

Scattered Rhetoric


The depths of mayhem

Induce psychotic rhetoric

And actions symbolic

Of careless warriors frolicking


We consume as Royals

Our heads sprouting crowns

Determined in theory

To succeed in practice


My manifestation of being

From a cosmic car crash

Was due to the Religious jaws of life

And insight


No man stands before all of creation

But as insignificant

An overdue realization for many

And a motive to achieve for others


Oh how ignorance smothers

Pocketing our minds

Suffocating our spirit

Tranquilizing our bodies


Rebirth is a terrible tragedy

A lonely endeavor

With only misery and contempt to carry

As well as a pocket of truth


Is reality worth your possessions and time?

Not to many

Perhaps some?

If anything we tend to analyze too much

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