Relentless Sadness

Relentless Sadness

Sadness overcomes me

Enveloping my mind

Trapped for all eternity

My conscious gagged and blind


Thought reality would please

That all my hunger pains would cease

Yet the world I had to leave

And turn within to find my peace


Sadness has become me

Absorbed within my mind

It’s now become apparent

Upon my face I’m not alive


And as I walk upon this realm

I see the masses stuck in hell

Lost and trapped inside their shells

Afraid to peer outside


Upon dusty winds

We ride the storm of lies

Corruption at our side

Soaked in anguish

Who’d imagine

We’re tortured into suicidal lives


I am sadness

Left bitter and untreated

Worrying myself out of existence

Persistently pessimistic

With penned-up vengeances

About to erupt

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